Indian MPs get their pay more than tripled

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Indian parliament
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The lower house was adjourned after MPs called the pay rise inadequate

India's cabinet has cleared a proposal to raise the salaries of members of parliament by more than three-fold.

The MPs are currently paid 16,000 rupees ($345; £220) a month; they will now get 50,000 rupees.

The government has also doubled MP office expenses and constituency allowances from 20,000 rupees.

The Lok Sabha [the lower house of parliament] was adjourned as several MPs protested against the rise, which they said was inadequate.

The members had demanded their pay be raised to at least 80,000 rupees, which is what senior bureaucrats are paid.

Although the salary of the MPs has remained low compared to pay in the government and private sector, critics say the parliamentarians receive a number of perks.

They are entitled to free flights, first-class air-conditioned train travel, free accommodation and several other benefits during their term.

Critics also say the pay increase is unjustified at a time when the country is reeling under a double-digit inflation.