Karnataka's BJP faces second vote of confidence


The governing BJP in the Indian state of Karnataka will face another vote of confidence later this week.

The new vote - on 14 October - follows unruly scenes on Monday in which some legislators were not allowed to vote.

There was also controversy over the decision for such a close vote to be taken by a voice count.

Speaker KG Bopaiah disqualified 16 rebel lawmakers - including 11 BJP members - ahead of the vote, saying they had violated anti-defection laws.

Karnataka Governor HR Bharadwaj has now told Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa that he must prove his majority on Thursday.

Correspondents say that Mr Yeddyurappa is expected to remain in power because the High Court reserved judgement on a case brought by the 16 lawmakers who claim their disqualification from the state assembly was not legal.

The ruling means that they will not be able to take part in the second confidence vote.

"We will prove our majority adequately," Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Dhananjaya Kumar said.

Mr Bharadwaj, meanwhile, said that he had recommended the imposition of direct rule by Delhi in Karnataka after finding that rules were violated in Monday's no-confidence motion.

He also questioned the Speaker's decision to disqualify the rebels under anti-defection laws.

Karnataka is the only southern Indian state where the BJP wields power.

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