Afghan policeman killed in suicide attack

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A policeman has been killed in a suicide attack in northern Afghanistan, police have said.

The bomber set off his explosives when he was stopped at a checkpoint in Kunduz province early on Thursday.

The attack comes days after suicide bombers stormed an army recruitment centre in Kunduz, killing eight members of the security forces.

The insurgency is still fiercest in the south and east, but security has been deteriorating in the north.

At least five civilians were injured in Thursday morning's attack which happened near a traffic post in Kunduz city.

On Sunday, suicide bombers stormed an army recruitment centre in Kunduz, sparking a long gun battle.

Five Afghan soldiers and three policemen were killed, along with at least three of the attackers. About 20 recent army recruits were wounded.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks, which President Hamid Karzai called "criminal".

In October the governor of Kunduz was killed along with at least 14 others in a bomb blast at a mosque.

Kunduz, once a relatively quiet part of the country, is becoming much more unstable.

Afghan and American forces say they have killed dozens of Taliban commanders in recent weeks in the province.