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Canada police arrest alleged G20 troublemaker

G20 protests in Toronto
Image caption Thousands of protesters were greeted by police during the two-day summit in Toronoto last month

An Ontario woman who police allege was a ringleader for trouble at Toronto's G20 summit in June has turned herself in after police called for her arrest.

The 21-year-old allegedly vandalised shopfronts such as Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and McDonald's and now faces six criminal charges.

Kelly Pflug-Back's picture was among 15 new photographs of suspects presented by police in Toronto on Wednesday.

Ten people from a previous group of 18 suspects had been arrested by Tuesday.

Half of those 10 suspects turned themselves in, according to news website

The newly-accused group face 15 charges, not including those filed against Ms Pflug-Back.

Police say they hope to continue to identify those responsible for damage caused during the two-day summit last month, using 17,000 still images and video footage taken by the public.

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