Levi Johnston seeks Sarah Palin's old job in Wasilla

Image caption, Since entering the public eye in 2008, Levi Johnston has spent much time in LA seeking acting roles

Days after announcing another split with fiance Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston has declared his intention to run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Sarah Palin, Bristol's mother, was Wasilla's mayor for six years before becoming Alaska's governor.

Variety magazine reports that Mr Johnston's talent agency is pitching a reality show based on his campaign.

A pilot for the show, tentatively titled "Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor's Office", is in production.

Mr Johnston, who has not yet finished high school, told Variety that he "wasn't thrilled" about the prospect of running for mayor at first, but now says it is "something I want to do".

He is hoping the show will help clear up misperceptions about him.

"It's hard to figure me out. You've got to follow me around. I'm very different. I live a crazy life," Mr Johnston said. "Basically [the show] will be both worlds. My life in Hollywood and back home, the real country boy that I am."

He already has a campaign manager, Tank Jones, who also acts as his Hollywood manager.

Image caption, Three weeks after announcing a second engagement, the couple split

Mr Johnston, who describes himself as "half redneck, half Hollywood", is the father of Bristol Palin's son Tripp.

Ms Palin's pregnancy was made public shortly after her mother was selected as Senator John McCain's running mate in the 2008 presidential election.

Ms Palin and Mr Johnston announced their intention to wed, but later broke off the engagement.

Following the split, Mr Johnston angered Sarah Palin with a series of derogatory public remarks about her parenting and family life.

In July 2010, he and Bristol Palin graced the cover of Us Weekly magazine with the news that they had reunited and were engaged again.

Rumours abounded that the two were proposing a reality TV show based on their life as young conservative parents, but three weeks later the pair split again.

Sarah Palin has not yet commented on Mr Johnston's bid to be elected mayor of Wasilla.

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