US worker swept a mile through sewer pipe is rescued


A US worker found after being swept more than a mile down a 27-inch sewer pipe has been treated for hypothermia and given antibiotics.

Rescuers found Daniel Collins, 30, in a manhole under a golf course in Raymore in the state of Missouri on Tuesday.

He had been working in a sewer when he somehow became unhooked from a safety line. About 90 minutes later, searchers heard him cry out.

Described as "not totally coherent," Mr Collins was flown to hospital.

Rescue worker Antonio Smith told KMBC television searchers had already found Mr Collins's flashlight.

"He said, 'Guys, I'm down here, can you help me?'" Mr Smith said.

"The guy was weak," he said. "He didn't have any more strength left in his body, travelling that distance under those circumstances."

Mr Smith said Mr Collins told rescuers he needed a couple of weeks off work and hoped his wife would not be mad at him.