US Election at a glance: 14 Oct

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Day in a Nutshell

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid squares off against Tea Party darling Sharron Angle in a televised debate.

With the two candidates tied in the latest polls, the event is attracting a flurry of national and international attention.

President Barack Obama returns to some of his most ardent supporters in 2008 - young voters - answering questions from them in an MTV-sponsored 'town hall' style event.

A left-wing think tank has reported that the US Chamber of Commerce did in fact receive political donations from overseas corporations - close to $1m (£630,000) - that could be used in the multitude of ads supporting Republicans the Chamber is running this year.

The finding backs up recent criticisms of the Chamber by both Mr Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden.

First Lady Michelle Obama creates a fun news story for the administration, casting an early vote for her husband's Illinois Senate replacement in a tight race. But it won't hide the bad news that unemployment filings are up this week.

Quote - Unquote

"What I believe is irrelevant," Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell said when asked about her prior statements rejecting evolution. Ms O'Donnell, who once said she heard an "audible voice of God" urging her to run, said the US constitution would be her guiding document if elected to the Senate.

"I am not now nor have I ever been anything but a clean-shaven capitalist," her opponent Chris Coons said, mocking Republicans for bringing up a satirical college essay in which he called himself a "bearded Marxist".

"I have an iReggie, who has my books, my newspapers, my music all in one place." President Obama refers to his personal aide Reggie Love, in response to a question about whether he has an iPad in a lengthy New York Times story.

"I had read that in one place, that they have started using some Sharia law there. That's what I had read," Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle said, after being questioned by a radio host about her incorrect claims that Sharia law is being used in two US states.

Key numbers

A new report from the Pew Research Center suggests that polls which don't adequately sample cell, or mobile, phone users are producing a four to six point advantage for Republicans.

A Washington Post survey indicates President Obama has a problem with older voters.

Random tweets

JoshuaGreen If your spokesman is emphasizing distinction between Nazis and SS, your candidacy is probably in trouble: #RichIott

AmyTraubDMI Not much fun to be a researcher at a time when facts don't matter...

pourmecoffee Imagining Harry Reid waking up this morning like the guys in The Hangover before his big Vegas debate tonight.

lesliekelly Will be glad when election is over. Then 2 mos of "you deserve what you get" then hopefully a year of peace & quiet til it all starts again.

Daily Picture

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Supporters of Sharron Angle and, behind them, Harry Reid, wave placards outside the studio where the debate took place