Canada sex murder pilot Russell Williams gets life

Russell Williams Russell Williams said he was ashamed of what he had done

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Canadian air force officer Col Russell Williams has been given a life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years for two murders and sexual assaults.

Williams, who once acted as pilot for Queen Elizabeth II, pleaded guilty to the murder of Marie Comeau, 38, and Jessica Lloyd, 27.

The killer spoke to the court with tears in his eyes and said he had committed "despicable crimes".

Williams carried out sexual assaults on two other women.

Williams pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder, two sexual assaults and 82 counts of breaking-and-entering.

The former pilot also admitted a string of burglaries, in which he stole women's underwear.

Williams took pictures of himself wearing the underwear in the women's bedrooms. He then stored the photographs he took on a computer hard drive.

'Despicable crimes'

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Russell Williams will forever be remembered as a sadosexual serial killer”

End Quote Robert Scott Ontario Superior Court Justice

Williams sat looking down during most of the proceedings in the Canadian courtroom, before being given a chance to address the court before sentencing.

"I deeply regret what I have done and the harm I know I have caused. I've committed despicable crimes," he said, while crying.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Scott described the 47-year-old as a "sick and dangerous man".

"Russell Williams will forever be remembered as a sadosexual serial killer," Mr Scott said.

"The depths of the depravity shown by Russell Williams have no equal."

Williams admitted he had betrayed family and friends, as well as colleagues in the Canadian armed forces.

He said he would spend the rest of his life regretting that he had ended "two vibrant and cherished lives".

The court had heard how he had videotaped and photographed sexual assaults on his two victims before killing them.

Jessica Lloyd Williams targeted Ms Lloyd while driving on a road near a cottage he owned

Williams had been a rising star in the Canadian air force and was in charge of Base Trenton in Ontario - the country's busiest air force hub.

The colonel was identified as a suspect after police stopped motorists at a roadblock, trying to match tyres to a track print they had from outside Ms Lloyd's home.

Williams burgled at least 47 homes, starting in 2007. Many of the targeted homes were in the same street as Williams's cottage in Tweed, Ontario. A further tranche of targeted homes were in the vicinity of Williams's main home in Orleans, outside Ottawa.

Williams was arrested in February for the murder of Ms Lloyd, who had been spotted by the colonel as he drove on a road near a cottage he owned.

He was later charged with the murder in November 2009 of Ms Comeau. Williams had targeted the corporal after meeting her as she worked on a military flight.

The military has been "deeply shaken" by Williams's actions, said Lt Gen Andre Deschamps, the Chief of Air Staff for the Canadian military.

Lt Gen Deschamps said the military could now fire Williams and take away any medals he had been awarded.

"We don't understand why," he said. "This individual was a man of tremendous capacities. He was professional. I still can't reconcile the two people we've seen."

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