Richard Holbrooke: Your tributes

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The veteran diplomat, who had undergone lengthy surgery to repair a torn aorta, had gained a reputation over the years as an important figure in foreign policy.

BBC News website readers from around the world have been sharing their thoughts:

Your comments

As an American citizen, I have always looked at Mr Holbrooke as one of the most effective American diplomats of our time. It is his steadfastness and drive for peace that has made this world a slightly safer place. I think America has lost one of its great civilian soldiers. I don't know of anyone in the US diplomatic corps with his credentials and credibility. He will be missed. Nelson Schmitz, Woodinville, Washington, US

As Richard's British colleague from January 2009 until September 2010, I knew him well. He was a friend, a force for good, and an effective sparring partner. He got Afghanistan and Pakistan in ways few others in Washington did. He knew that the region's problems were primarily political, not military, and was working to that end. The tragedy is that his hour - the hour of negotiation - was about to dawn, and he will not be there when he is most needed. Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, former British ambassador to Kabul, London

The 'Buldozer' diplomat will be forever remembered by my entire country for his outstanding contribution to peace in Kosovo. He was so much loved by all of Kosovo, and he will be remembered as true friend and supporter, not only of Kosovo, but of all peace-loving people. Ukshin, Pristina, Kosovo

Mr Holbrooke had charming personality and was a very honest and hardworking man and a true hero of today's US politics. He was a remarkable man, a remarkable public servant and someone who contributed enormously to the cause of a more peaceful and just world. Dr Lall Chand, Jamaica, New York, US

He was indeed a fine public servant who got things done. Richard A Stanford, Las Vegas, Nevada, US

His death is a blow to the country as a whole. Of course, Obama is the immediate person in the country who would feel it more than the rest of us. It came at a critical period. My prayers to the family and the president. Neb Nosidda, Mesquite, Texas, US

Several years ago I met Richard Holbrooke on the plane from Washington to New York, and we discussed Croatia's then recent accession to the Council of Europe. Although sceptical at the time, he was convinced of the importance of the European Convention on Human Rights for peace in the Balkans. He assured me that it had been his idea to refer to it in the Dayton Agreements. Today the Council of Europe has 47 member states representing 800 million Europeans this is also thanks to Richard Holbrooke. Jan Kleijssen, Strasbourg, France

Finally one of the designers of American aggressive foreign policy is gone. It seemed preposterous when he asked the head of a corrupt Afghan government, who was appointed by America, to behave properly. His passing away shall be considered a good omen for the people of Afghanistan. Kamran Homayun, Amersfoort, Holland

An unparalleled diplomat with a genuine conviction of bringing peace to the conflict zone. His relentless effort saved many human lives in the Bosnian war. Monirul, Toronto, Canada

The world has lost an outstanding public servant. Busaya Virakul, Bangkok, Thailand

Mr Holbrooke will be remembered as a US hero. Obama has lost an influential person in Afghanistan and Pakistan. US military and US alliances will decrease their confidence. Mam Vibol, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Richard Holbrooke was responsible for demonization of the Serbs during the Balkan conflict in the world press. He contributed to the economic ruin of Serbia due to sanctions, and the bombings that were impose upon the people. Petar Nikolic, Belgrade, Serbia

Mr Holbrooke was indeed a giant of history, a true American hero and will be very hard to replace. His passing is truly a loss to all avid proponents of justice, democracy and peace around the world. Mead Cherifi, New Jersey, USA

No great loss; this man perpetuated and supported an anti-Serbian agenda for which the Serbian people in Kosovo are paying on a daily basis by being victimised daily by Albanian thuggery. Goran Bogoevski, Perth, Australia

Mr Richard Holbrooke fought for justice for the weak and exploited. He was a Lone Ranger in the Kosovo conflict but he never gave up until the conflict was resolved. He knew that America's security can no longer be guaranteed within its borders. He strongly believed and insisted that while fighting to secure America in those distant countries, America must distinguish between the foe and innocent and minimise collateral damage. Strangeways F. Temba, Zambia