Gunman 'shot himself' at Florida school's board meeting

Footage captured by local television shows Duke terrorising school board members and staff Footage captured by local television shows Duke terrorising school board members and staff

A gunman who opened fire during a Florida school board meeting killed himself after exchanging fire with a local security chief, police say.

Police said ex-convict Clay Duke had planned the shooting at the Bay District meeting in Panama City ahead of time but revealed no motive.

Video shows him firing on board members from eight feet away but missing.

No one else was injured or killed in the incident. "God was standing in front of me," said member Bill Husfelt.

The day after the harrowing incident, police said they had found a calendar with Tuesday's date circled and anti-government materials in Duke's house.

Clay Duke Duke complained about taxes and his wife's sacking before opening fire

"He was obviously was not happy with our government," Panama City Police Chief John Van Etten said, according to the Associated Press.

A local reporter for WMBB television said Duke approached the podium during Tuesday's board meeting, which moments before had been filled with students accepting awards.

Video shows Duke pulling out a can of red spray paint and drawing a "V" with a circle around it, before he started talking and pulled out a hand gun.

One woman school board member whom Duke had ordered out of the room then crept upon him and struck him with her handbag before he wrestled her to the ground. Duke then argued with school board members, telling them his wife had been fired. The members pleaded with him.

He levelled the gun at Mr Husfelt, who implored him, "Please don't, please don't".

He then opened fire, and video shows papers on the desk flying and the members ducking behind the desk.

The security chief, named as Mike Jones, then entered the room and fired at the gunman, injuring him, police said.

Police on Wednesday said the pair exchanged at least 14 shots, with Duke falling injured to the floor, then turning his weapon on himself.

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