US bad weather: Your stories


More than 2,000 flights have been cancelled across the US due to bad weather.

Snow blizzards are sweeping north along the east coast. The New York area was in the bull's eye of the storm, receiving up to 46cm (18in) of snow on Sunday.

BBC website readers in the US describe how the bad weather is having an impact on their lives.

Jason Dare, New York City

Last night I thought I would go out and try to capture some of the blizzard at its full fury, and my goodness it was howling out there.

The sound of thunder is nothing like I have ever heard before as it seemed muted, I guess from the dampening of all the snow.

As I was heading back home, I noticed a homeless guy all rugged up on my corner of the street. I introduced myself and asked him where he was going to stay.

Barry as I got to know him, told me that he was rejected from several shelters as they were all full. The only way he could get into another shelter was to pay $10.

I ran upstairs to my apartment and then went back down where he had moved to the opposite side of the street waiting for me. I handed him the money, and he thanked me for saving his life.

After waking up this morning I went out for a bit of a look to see what impact of the storm had on the city.

I was surprised to see the main streets mostly cleared of snow. Most of the local shop owners and building superintendents were out shovelling the snow off the sidewalks.

There were some people braving the cold windy conditions to head into their workplaces.

Micheal Aberg, Brooklyn, New York

I live in an apartment in Brooklyn. I took a short walk this morning. There were a lot of snow ploughs out, clearing the roads.

Everything is closed here, so today is mostly about shovelling the snow away. It started snowing heavily around 10 o'clock yesterday morning. Then it got really windy. It was snowing horizontally.

Today is better, there is only light snow but there is a taxi still stuck in our road. I took a video of someone trying to walk up a hill near where I live, he was using skis to get up the hill.

Graham Jenkins, Boston, Massachusetts

Last night we had 'thunder snow'. We've had a lot of snow before, but I don't remember it as windy as this time. The snow came with tiny flakes, like dust. We have a mesh screen at our back door and the snow came through it.

Everything is covered in snow. There must be 15 inches of it.

Luckily we don't need to go anywhere as it's our holiday, but those who had to go out have already cleared their driveways.

Boston airport closed for a couple of hours last night, simply because airlines were cancelling flights and there was no point in keeping the airport open.

We don't get such storms every year, we do get them once in a while. But we seem to be well prepared for them - the city is ploughing the main streets and from what I've heard, individuals with ploughs are asked to help clear the side streets for a contribution.

I was trapped in London after the 'blizzard' last week. I was lucky enough to make it home for Christmas, but not until three days after my initial flight was supposed to leave, including a second cancelled one in between.

That was for five inches of snow. My odyssey in getting home from London had its own touch of irony. A connecting flight from Ottawa was delayed due to snow in Boston, and once we arrived in Boston airspace we were forced to circle for an hour and a half. But in the end, we landed. In the snow.

Boston and Philadelphia Airports are open. New York and New Jersey are opening this afternoon. That is how you handle an real storm.

Andrew Failes, Petersburg, New York

We are right on the New York/Vermont/Massachusetts border and this is the heaviest snowstorm I've seen in the 25 years I have lived here.

We've had two feet of snow but it's too high to use my snowplough.

I've been out since 0700 this morning shovelling our 135 metre driveway by hand and hopefully I will use the plough afterwards.

I work from home so I don't need to go anywhere in the car, which is a good job because I'll have to dig the car out first.

We're above route 22 which is clear, it's just the side roads that are a struggle.

It is still snowing at 10 o'clock this morning and is windy too, but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so it will be so beautiful.

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