US arrests traveller who 'hid cocaine in Easter eggs'

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Cocaine hidden in fake Easter eggs
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The cocaine had an estimated value of more than $100,000

US officials say they have arrested a man who tried to smuggle cocaine into the country hidden in fake Easter eggs.

Esteban Galtes, 23, was arrested at Los Angeles airport on Thursday after federal agents found more than 6kg (13lb 3oz) of the drug in his luggage.

Much of it was hidden inside coloured candy eggs, which he said he was taking for his children.

If convicted on drug trafficking charges, he could face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Mr Galtes, who lives in Miami, was returning to the US from a one-week trip to Colombia.

The cocaine had an estimated street value of more than $100,000 (£64,400).

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said their suspicions were raised by the sight of Easter eggs in a traveller's luggage two days before Christmas.

"Drug traffickers are always trying novel ways to conceal their contraband," ICE agent Claude Arnold said.

"But cocaine camouflaged as Easter candy is one of the more unusual tactics we've come across."

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