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Belly dance scuppers 'disabled' ex-wife's divorce deal

Belly dancer
Image caption Dorothy McGurk (not pictured) had written on a blog about dancing vigorously for several hours a day

A woman who claimed she was disabled has been stripped of her divorce settlement after her ex-husband spotted online pictures of her belly dancing.

Dorothy McGurk, who said she was unable to work because of injuries from a 1997 car accident, was being paid $850 (£520) a month in maintenance for life.

But after finding images on a blog of his 43-year-old ex-wife dancing, Brian McGurk took her to court.

A New York judge ruled her alimony should be cut to $400 a month.

Richmond County Supreme Court ordered the Staten Island woman to pay her ex-husband's legal fees.

Mr McGurk, who separated from his wife several years ago, was also awarded 60% from the sale of their former home.

His former spouse had posted online about dancing vigorously for several hours every day.

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