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Osama Bin Laden videos

The Pentagon has released five home video clips of al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, seized at the secret compound in northern Pakistan where he was shot dead by US special forces this week.

It is the first film of Bin Laden to emerge since al-Qaeda released a video address by him in 2007. The Pentagon released the video with the audio removed.

Here is what the clips show:


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Media captionThe first video is understood to be a message addressed to the US

A relatively long clip of Bin Laden making a statement to camera. He is wearing a white headcovering, a white shirt and a golden robe, and his delivery is in a style similar to that of previous video addresses by the al-Qaeda leader.

He is reading from notes on the table in front of him. He has his hands laid flat on the table, though he occasionally raises his right index finger for emphasis. He is wearing a ring on the little finger of his right hand.

Pentagon officials said it was a message to the United States.

There is no confirmation it was shot at the compound in Abbottabad where Bin Laden was found, but that is where he is said to have been living for the last few years.


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Media captionThe second of the five videos shows Bin Laden watching himself on television

Shows Osama Bin Laden watching footage of himself on television. The television is on a small table with what looks like a satellite box next to it.

The al-Qaeda leader is seen sitting in front of the table, apparently cross-legged on a carpeted floor, using a remote control.

He has a blanket over his shoulders and is wearing a black woolen hat. He strokes his beard, which looks grey - not black as in the other video clips.

Two other monitors, both switched off, can be seen in the room. There is what looks like a black sheet to the left of the TV, possibly covering a window.

At the start of the clip a list of channels come up, and it appears that Al-Jazeera is selected.

The images playing on the TV seem to be old footage of the al-Qaeda leader, including shots of him walking in the mountains.

There is also an image of the twin towers in New York in flames on 11 September 2001, with a still photo of Bin Laden superimposed on top of it and Arabic script.


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Media captionThe third video released is thought to be a rehearsal for the message in the first clip

The first of three videos in which Bin Laden appears to be rehearsing for a video message.

He is wearing the same clothes as in the first video, but with a bare wooden panel or door as a backdrop.

A white sleeveless vest is visible under his white shirt.


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Media captionThis video appears to show Osama missing his cue

Here too, Bin Laden seems to be rehearsing.

He starts to talk, then glances to his right uncertainly before continuing to speak to the camera.

He is again wearing a white shirt and hat, though not the gold robe.

The backdrop is plain and dark brown.


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Media captionThe fifth video shows Bin Laden speaking to camera in front of a wrinkled blue backdrop

Another short clip of Bin Laden dressed in white shirt, hat and golden robe, speaking to camera.

This time the backdrop is what looks like a crumpled blue sheet.

As in the previous videos, he occasionally looks down to read from notes.