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Romney makes 'day one' promises in TV advertisement

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Media captionRomney: Day One

Mitt Romney has released his first television ad of the general election season, hinting at what his first day as US president would entail.

The 30-second spot will air in key general election states that President Barack Obama won in 2008.

The ad airs as the Romney campaign reported it nearly matched the Obama campaign's fundraising last month.

Earlier in the week, Mr Obama released an ad that criticised Mr Romney's time at private equity firm Bain Capital.

The Obama video features former workers of a steel plant bought and later shut down by Bain Capital, the company co-founded by Mr Romney.

The new Romney advertisement, entitled Day One, suggests the former Massachusetts governor would approve the controversial Keystone XL pipeline and begin work on changing Mr Obama's healthcare law.

In a statement, the campaign says Mr Romney would support using an executive order to waive "Obamacare" for all 50 states, and the pipeline would be "approved" by Mr Romney.

The entire script is only 34 words, but it represents some of the first policy promises of the general election in the Romney campaign's televised advertising.

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