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Zimmerman defence posts video account of shootings

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Media captionZimmerman: I kept calling for help

Lawyers for a Florida neighbourhood watchman who killed an unarmed black teenager have released a video of him giving his account to police at the scene of the shooting.

In the clip, George Zimmerman says he pulled his gun and shot Trayvon Martin as the teen tried to get his weapon.

On Wednesday, the police chief in the Orlando suburb of Sanford was fired for his handling of the investigation.

February's shooting spurred a debate on racial profiling that divided the US.

Mr Zimmerman faces second-degree murder charges over the 17-year-old's death.

The 28-year-old appears in the video, taken the day after the shooting, with two butterfly bandages on the back of his head and another on his nose.

'Slamming and slamming'

He re-enacts a fight with Martin, saying the teenager was "slamming and slamming" his head on the sidewalk.

"It felt like my head was going to explode," he says, adding that Martin covered his mouth when he started screaming for help.

In the video, Mr Zimmerman tells police a fight ensued when Martin confronted him.

His defence team has used a website to post information favourable to their case and to attract donations for his legal costs.

On Wednesday, Sanford's city manager fired police chief Bill Lee, who announced in March he was temporarily stepping aside.

Florida police did not arrest Mr Zimmerman for six weeks after the shooting because he said he opened fire in self-defence.

Under Florida's the state's controversial "stand your ground" law, the use of lethal force is allowed if a person feels seriously under threat.

Also on Wednesday, police released a 911 call from Tracy Martin, the teenager's father, reporting his son missing the morning after the shooting, the Orlando Sentinel reports .

Mr Zimmerman is back in prison after his bail was revoked. A Florida judge ruled that he had misled the court about his finances.

The accused's wife faces a perjury charge alleging she knowingly made false statements about the couple's finances during a hearing.

Previously released recordings show Mr Zimmerman telling a police dispatcher he thought Martin looked suspicious.

The teenager, who was a visitor to the area, was walking back home from a nearby convenience store when the fatal confrontation happened.

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