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Sandy: map overview

In several states the authorities have declared Major disaster areas after storm Sandy struck. This map gives an overview of the worst affected areas.


Rockaway Boardwalk, New York

Rockaway damage

The clean-up has started in the Rockaway neighbourhood of Queens, where the historic boardwalk was ripped away by Hurricane Sandy.

Queens blaze damage

Queens fire damage

More than 100 homes were destroyed by fire in the New York borough of Queens. New York Senator Charles Schumer said in describing Breezy Point said it looked like the pictures of London or even Dresden after World War II.


Delaware flooding

Delaware was not as badly hit as other areas, but still the authorities have issued an Emergency declaration. The National Guard has been called up to assist. Towns nearest the coast, such as Rehoboth Beach, are worst affected.

Washington wind

Upturned tree

The capital, Washington DC, did not escape the effects of the storm. Strong winds have brought down trees and power lines damaging homes and property.

Long Island

Boat left on railway tracks

The storm has tossed many boats ashore. This one was found on Long Island by the New York state transportation authority, washed across commuter train tracks.

Getting New York moving again

The New York subway network suffered extensive damage and remains closed, though some bus services have resumed.

'Rollercoasters in the water'

A massive clean up is under way following what may have been the worst storm the US East Coast has ever seen.

'Complete devastation' in New Jersey

Ross Cocheo, who works in a hospital in Summit, said the devastation was like something out of a movie.