'Ikea monkey' owner asks for her pet back

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Shoppers at a furniture store in Toronto were shocked to find a monkey on the loose in the car park.

The owner of a monkey that was confiscated by the authorities after it escaped and ran around the car park of a Toronto Ikea wants her pet back.

Yasmin Nakhuda said her rhesus macaque is always by her side, even when she sleeps and showers.

On Monday, five-month-old Darwin was taken to a sanctuary after spending the night in a city animal shelter.

Pictures of the monkey, wearing a sheepskin jacket and nappy, were spread around the world by social media.

Monkey 'stressed'

Ms Nakhuda explained that she kept Darwin with her at all times.

"At the beginning, I was told that was the best for him because generally, monkeys live off the back of the mom," she said, adding the monkey would "get into a panic attack" when she was out of sight.

Darwin had been left in a parked car on Sunday, but managed to let himself out.

Animal control officers captured him and on Monday he was placed in the primate sanctuary.

Ms Nakhuda was fined C$240 (£151) for owning a prohibited animal, and is reportedly consulting a lawyer to see how she can regain custody of her pet.

She added that the monkey has sometimes shown signs of unfriendliness towards other members of its own species.

An animal services spokeswoman said that despite being a little stressed, Darwin was in good health.