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Boulder crashes into Utah home

A bystander photographs a 12-by-9-foot boulder as it rests in the master bedroom of a home in St George, Utah on 19 January 2013

A Utah woman is recovering from four hours of surgery after a car-sized boulder crashed through her bedroom wall while she slept.

Wanda Denhalter was sleeping in the middle of her king-size bed when the 12ft by 9ft (3.7m by 2.7m) rock broke off from a cliff above her house.

"She's definitely lucky, no doubt about it," her husband, Scot, said.

A St George city spokesman said that while rocks often roll down the many hills, boulders rarely hit homes.

Mr Denhalter was sleeping at his son's house that evening to make room for visitors who never came.

"Had I been there, she would have been killed," he said. "She would have been on her side of the bed."

The couple are staying in a hotel and do not plan to return after a state geologist warned them to stay away because of the unstable cliff.