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Michael Brown shooting: Timeline of events in Ferguson

Police have provided more details about the timeline of the events leading up to the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Police did not release any information about the fatal confrontation itself on 9 August.

Image caption Police alerted to a robbery on West Florrissant Avenue
Image copyright Reuters
Image caption CCTV shows a robbery taking place minutes before the shooting. Police say Michael Brown was a suspect
Image caption Police dispatchers release description of suspect seen walking towards QuikTrip
Image copyright Google Street Map
Image caption The petrol station seen before the shooting which provoked rioting and looting in Ferguson
Image caption Officer Wilson leaves a nearby home where he had been responding to an emergency call about a sick child
Image caption Police chief Jackson reveals Brown was not stopped because he was a suspect in the robbery
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Image caption "The initial contact between the officer and Michael Brown was not related to the robbery." Jackson tells a second press conference. "Brown was walking down the middle of the street stopping traffic."
Image caption Police refuse to comment on the fatal confrontation on Canfield Drive because the investigation is ongoing
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Image caption Neighbours of Michael Brown gather at a temporary memorial on the street where he was shot dead