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Dozens arrested in Ferguson protests

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Media captionThe protests were part of four days of events called "Ferguson October"

Nearly 50 people have been arrested at protests in Ferguson, Missouri, over the shooting of an unarmed black teenager two months ago.

Civil rights activist Cornel West was among those held after he led a march to the police station.

Riot police lined up outside the building and arrests were made when people tried to break the line.

The protests were part of four days of events called "Ferguson October", which calls for an end to police brutality.

Demonstrators also demanded that charges be brought against the white officer who killed Michael Brown, 18, at the start of August.

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Image caption Pastor Charles Burton has his body outlined with chalk

The shooting sparked weeks of unrest and made national and international headlines.

A grand jury is deciding whether to bring charges against the officer.

The protest began on Monday morning when demonstrators marched with arms joined from Wellspring Church to the police station in heavy rain.

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Media caption"You're a part of something that shuts you out" - Talib Kwali, hip-hop artist

The names of people killed by police across the US were read out, and those included Venderrit Myers Jr, another 18-year-old killed last week by a white police officer in nearby St Louis.

Police say Myers, who was black, shot first but they are investigating why 17 shots were fired by the officer.

Outside the police station, the chalk outline of a man was drawn on the ground, which organisers said was "a memorial for the body of Michael Brown".

Bishop Wayne Smith of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri told US media his faith compelled him to be there.

"I want to show solidarity, and call attention to the structural racism of St. Louis," he added.

Ferguson Police said 42 people were arrested at the police station and another six were arrested for blocking a street elsewhere.

On Monday night, the protests focused on two Walmarts and a political fundraising event.

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Image caption West (centre) was later arrested

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