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Car Talk host Tom Magliozzi dies age 77

Ray Magliozzi (left) and Tom Magliozzi (right) appeared in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 19 June 2008 Image copyright AP
Image caption Ray Magliozzi (left) and Tom Magliozzi (right) hosted their radio programme since the 1970s

One of the hosts of popular National Public Radio programme Car Talk has died, the news organisation has said.

Tom Magliozzi passed away on Monday of complications from Alzheimer's disease.

Magliozzi, 77, hosted the weekly talk radio programme alongside his younger brother Ray Magliozzi since the 1970s.

Known on the air as Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers, they dispensed car repair advice to legions of loyal listeners, wielding wit, humour and an encyclopaedic knowledge of automobiles.

Tom Magliozzi worked as an engineer after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, then opened an auto repair shop in the Boston area.

An invitation to speak on a public radio talk show led to a regular broadcast, and soon the brothers had a weekly programme discussing all things automotive.

Car Talk, produced by the WBUR radio station, was broadcast nationally by National Public Radio (NPR) from 1987.

"People would sort of gather around him. He was just kind of a magnet," Doug Berman, producer of Car Talk, said of Tom Magliozzi in a statement.

Listeners tuned in to the Magliozzis' blend of expertise and humour, as well as their banter and close rapport.

"For Ray, he idolised Tom... [and] Tom liked having his little brother around," Mr Berman said. "When they grew up they were really, really great friends."

The pair retired from live broadcasting in 2012 but NPR continued to broadcast archived shows.

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