Nike bail: US judge accepts trainers as bond

Image caption, The actual model of Nike trainers handed over as bond is not known (file photo)

A man in the US state of Massachusetts has avoided jail for failing to pay court fees by leaving a pair of $85 (£55.94) Nike trainers as a bail bond.

Judge Douglas Stoddart accepted the unusual deposit after offering Jason Duval, charged with drug offences, the chance to "be creative".

The charges date back to 2012, and Duval, 39, said he was unable to pay after going through a costly divorce.

He can recoup the shoes by paying $100 or doing 10 hours of community service.

Duval was originally charged in 2012 with two counts of possession of a Class B substance, possession of a Class C substance and driving to endanger.

He said he was unable to pay $450 in court fees that would have seen the case dropped.

Facing a few days in jail as a result, the defendant explained that his finances were in a parlous state following expensive divorce proceedings.

Judge Stoddart of Framingham District Court in Massachusetts said he did not trust Duval enough to release him without bail.

But he offered him a lifeline, telling the defendant: "If you can come up with a creative idea to convince me you'll come back, I'll work with you."

Upon presentation of the brand new trainers, which Duval said were a Christmas gift, the judge appeared satisfied, announcing: "OK, we'll take them."

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