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Canada lottery 'winner' missed jackpot by seven seconds

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Image caption Mr Ifergan's second ticket was only eligible for the following week's drawing

Canada's Supreme Court has said it will not hear the appeal of a Quebec man who missed a C$27m (£18m) lottery jackpot by seven seconds.

Joel Ifergan bought two tickets for the weekly lottery draw in 2008, but the second ticket with the winning numbers printed just after the deadline.

Mr Ifergan argued he should share the winnings as he bought both tickets before the cut-off.

He reportedly spent $100,000 in legal costs on the case.

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Media captionJoel Ifergan said he would continue to play the lottery

"I'm really disappointed in the decision, and it's not because it's about the money," Mr Ifergan told CTV News, saying Quebec's slower lottery machines were to blame.

"Had those tickets been bought anywhere else in Canada, I would have been a millionaire seven years ago."

The Montreal-area man had sued the province's lottery but has been rejected both in Quebec courts and now at Canada's highest court.

Another person also had the winning numbers for the week Mr Ifergan wanted to claim, so if his case had been successful, he would have shared the C$27m prize.

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