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Super Bowl ads: What could you buy for the cost of a commercial?

The adverts shown during the Super Bowl are often as talked about the next day as the game itself.

This year, NBC is charging advertisers $4.5m (£3m) for a 30-second spot. But with an expected US audience of 110 million, and more streaming the most popular ads online, it's a price companies are willing to pay.

The BBC's Franz Strasser takes a look at the price of the products advertised and asks how many items you could buy for the cost of a commercial.


Budweiser's one-minute ad tells the story of a lost dog that is reunited with his owner. Nine million dollars can buy you a lot of beer cans at the price of 58 cents in a 12-pack.


For the first time in seven years, Victoria's Secret is paying up to air a spot during the biggest game. The brand sells one of its "everyday" bras for $39.50.

Shower gel

Dove Men will show a spot about fathers to advertise their body wash. The price of one item is $5.39, compared to the price of $4.5 million for the ad.


The German carmaker is using an old news clip and TV personalities to advertise its electric car. The starting price for a BMW i3 is $42,300.

Advertisers will pay close to $41 per one thousand viewers, if 100 million Americans tune in. A rate slightly above the industry average of $37.

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