Obama's national security strategy interrupted

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Media captionJon Sopel in Washington: "It may be that this is more propaganda than fact"

Today President Barack Obama published a 29-page National Security Strategy - a document guiding his approach to foreign policy and national security for the final two years of his presidency.

He warned that America must not "overreach" itself abroad, arguing the country's "resources and influence are not infinite".

On the same day Islamic State was again making the headlines.

This time with its claim that a Jordanian air strike in Raqqa in Syria had taken the life of a young, female American aid worker.

To which critics of Barack Obama are saying: 'Overreach? You're not doing anything like enough'.

Just as he is making an argument for a more careful, deliberative approach; others are demanding more, and asking after the appalling events of this week - if not now, then when?