US Senator: Compromise Iran bill a 'win'

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Media captionSenator Coons says compromise bill is a show of bipartisanship

The US Congress will only vote not to lift US sanctions against Iran, if the final deal agreed at the end of June is a "bad deal."

That's the opinion of Senator Chris Coons, Democrat from Delaware, who was key in drafting the bill that just got a stunning vote of unanimous support from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (I say stunning because when was the last time you heard of anything getting 100% bipartisan support in the US Congress?)

Senator Coons added that if it was what he called a "bad deal" the chances are the president wouldn't agree to it in the first place.

The bill gives Congress some more oversight of the final nuclear deal (something Congress always likes) but limits the time lawmakers can deliberate over it to 30 days.

I suspect many Americans might think a time limit for Congressional deliberations on anything wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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