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US gay marriage: Reaction to ruling

By Anthony Zurcher
North America reporter


On Friday morning many Americans wondered if the US Supreme Court would announce its decision on whether states could prohibit gay couples from obtaining marriage licences.

image copyrightMichael Li

When news of the court's landmark decision affirming gay marriage rights in all 50 states broke, celebrations quickly erupted outside the court building - and on Twitter.

image copyrightGLAAD
image copyrightLog Cabin Republicans

From celebrities...

image copyrightRicky Martin
image copyrightGeorge Takei

Business leaders...

image copyrightTim Cook
image copyrightAmerican Airlines

And politicians...

image copyrightHillary Clinton

Some of the political reaction wasn't as joyous, however. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee condemned the ruling.

image copyrightMike Huckabee

Others took the opportunity to point out that it's been an interesting week for flags in the US.

image copyrightJonah Green

And a White House agency offered what it saw as an appropriate photo.

image copyrightWhite House OSTP

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