CIA director Brennan 'outraged' by personal email hack

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The US's top spy said the media had propagated "information that was inappropriate"

CIA director John Brennan has said he is "outraged" by the hacking of his personal email account.

The top US spy said his experience demonstrated that everyone was vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Speaking at George Washington University, he also criticised the media for "giving air to what is criminal activity".

Documents from Mr Brennan's account have begun appearing on the website of anti-secrecy group Wikileaks.

Responsibility for the hack has been claimed by a man purporting to be a high school student protesting at US policy.

The hacker said he tricked telecommunications company Verizon into providing him access to the CIA chief's personal account.

Documents from the director's account that have been published so far include a list of contacts, as well as policy recommendations for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mr Brennan said that nothing he had done was wrong.

He took time to criticise the press for their reporting on the hack, saying that "the implication of the reporting was that I was doing something wrong or inappropriate or in violation of my security responsibility, which was not certainly the case".