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US blizzard 2016: Perfect conditions for 'snow-swimming'

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The huge blizzard that blanketed the US east coast kept most people indoors, but it also provided ideal conditions for "snow-swimming".

Competitive and amateur swimmers, not to be put off by the bad weather, found a novel use for the deep layers of snow which in some areas reached 40 inches (100cm), and posted videos of people launching themselves into the soft powder.


media captionChris McMahon and Drew Riebel improvised diving boards

Chris McMahon and Drew Riebel in Morgantown, West Virginia, braved the elements for their snow swim.

"It started when we dared one of our friends to jump in the snow in their Speedos", they said.

"We thought it would be funny if we had a race".

Snow swimmer's inspiration

Magz, from Fairfax, Virginia is a competitive swimmer and didn't want to let the white stuff get in the way of her fitness regime.

media captionMagz took the plunge followed by an eager pet dog

Different strokes

Mick Vanoosten from New Jersey was with his fellow college students at Montclair State University when they decided to do a snow swim.

"We had a practice swim in the morning and we were talking about doing it.

"We planned to do four different strokes in a sequence - it was freezing when we all dived in.

"After the snow swim we all sprinted inside and had a hot shower!"

media captionOn your marks! Mick Vanoosten and fellow university students took their starting positions


Anna Newnam and her friend Grace from North Carolina also took the snow plunge.

Anna said: "We decided to do more than the usual dive into the snow and do a relay. It was fun but really cold!"

media captionAnna Newnam and her friend took the plunge

However, it is probably not a great idea to copy these swimmers as it could be bad for your health!

Compiled by Alison Daye

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