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Yosemite 'firefall' has hikers transfixed

Firefall in Yosemite Image copyright Sangeeta Dey Photography
Image caption Sangeeta Dey said she was touched and overwhelmed by how much attention her photo had received

A rare phenomenon known as "firefall" has drawn visitors and photographers to Yosemite National Park in California.

The stunning visual display happens every February when the light hits a waterfall tumbling down El Capitan.

But the intensity of this phenomenon depends on the volume of water and the cloud cover.

The park authorities said: "The Horsetail Fall phenomenon appears when the angle of the setting sun sets the waterfall ablaze with reds and oranges, like a fire was falling down the cliffs on the shoulder of El Capitan."

Here is how some photographers captured it.

Image copyright Archanjm/Instagram
Image caption Archanjm posted this on Instagram

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