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Canada wildfire: Odd items people took during their evacuation

If you were told you need to evacuate at a moment's notice would you have a plan? What would you take with you? Would you grab the first things that came to hand?

It's a question residents of the Canadian city of Fort McMurray were forced to answer after a massive wildfire caused an entire city to be evacuated.

Here is a selection of some of the more unusual items some people took with them as shared on Facebook.

The dog comes first

Image copyright Shannon Loutitt

Dog lover Shannon Loutitt took two dog poop bags, with her when fleeing the city's wildfires.

"My thought was: never too busy to be a responsible pet owner," she said.

The essential tipple

Image copyright Rodney Warr

Rodney Warr just could not evacuate without his favourite rum, Captain Morgan.

"No survival kit goes without a captain," he said.

Stepping up to the plate

Image copyright Danielle Dureault

"My hubby has no underwear but he brought a pie plate" - Danielle Dureault

Glue gun, anyone?

Image copyright Canada Roberts

Canada Roberts took a glue gun with him.

"What? Why would I pack a hot glue gun? I have no socks, but if something needs to be hot glued we are set," he said.

The emergency shoe care

Image copyright Jennifer HL Knuth

Local nurse, Jennifer Knuth, currently volunteering to help those affected by the wildfires, simply couldn't leave her home without her favourite kit, the shoe polish.

"Ya'll... Anyone need some shoe shine???," she said.

And the candy rush

Image copyright Jamie Kelly

"I was asked what I wanted to take with me and the first words out of me mouth was me trail mix" - Jamie Kelly

Produced by Nana Prempeh

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