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Breastfeeding brides respond to Canada wedding photo

Christina Torino-Benton breastfeeds her child during her wedding ceremony. Image copyright Christina Torino-Benton
Image caption The photo has been shared thousands of times on social media

At weddings, sometimes the most unexpected moments turn out to be the most memorable.

For a Canadian mum, that moment was taking time out of her own wedding to breastfeed her nine-month-old daughter.

Christina Torino-Benton, 30, said her daughter Gemma began crying during the ceremony after a hot, stressful morning without a nap.

The Montreal native said she quickly took her daughter and began breastfeeding her as the priest continued to talk - a moment the bride's photographer Lana Nimmons was able to capture on camera.

"It didn't cross my mind not to nurse her while it was happening," Mrs Torino-Benton told the BBC. "It was the only thing to do, really."

Mrs Torino-Benton decided to share the moment with her daughter on a breastfeeding group's Facebook page, where the photo has generated more than 7.9k likes.

The photo was captioned, "Talk about feeding anytime & anywhere. That moment when you're getting married and your baby gets hungry ;) feeling SO proud of myself! Fighting that good fight!"

The image prompted dozens of mums to share their own photos of breastfeeding in bridal gowns, and a line of pictures went down the Facebook page among the stream of comments.

"Ten minutes before I walked down the aisle!" one Facebook user wrote, posting an image of her breastfeeding. "We were on the way to him weaning so this was the last time we nursed and it's been just over a week now. I will always treasure this picture."

The bride said she welcomed the outpouring of support, but was surprised by some of the "hurtful" comments left in response to the photo.

Some people, she said, dismissed her for breastfeeding at church.

"To those people, I say, there is nothing more natural than feeding your infant with what God gave me", she told the BBC.

Reporting by Courtney Subramanian

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