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Girl with autism wants discontinued T-Shirt and the internet responds

Picture of pink flower shirt Image copyright Deborah Grimshaw Skouson/Facebook

This is no ordinary T-Shirt. It belongs to 10 year old Cami Skouson who has autism. Her mum Deborah says the shirt brings her comfort, but the problem is she needed a new one and it has been discontinued.

So Deborah wrote a post on Facebook last week, appealing for friends and family to help her find the same pink flower top.

"We will pay for the the shirt and the shipping if someone would be kind enough to sell it to us," she wrote.

"It has to be this exact shirt! We've tried similar shirts and they just don't cut it with Cami."

Image copyright Deborah Grimshaw Skouson/Facebook

Viral post

Deborah's post was shared more than 5,000 times and within days Cami had not one but 161 flower T-Shirts.

One Facebook user, Jane Miranda, quickly responded: "We have one. Size 7/8. If they need one this size they can message me." Another, Jill Carpenter Skouson, said: "The one I found, I'll have by the end of the week. The lady says it's free for you. She has a son with sensory processing disorder, so she can relate to you."

Deborah from St George, Utah in the US was so overwhelmed by the response from strangers that she posted an update saying they had made her "sweet girl's life a little happier."

Image copyright Deborah Grimshaw Skouson
Image copyright Frank Somerville KTVU/Facebook

Target, the store where Deborah first bought Cami's favourite T-Shirt has reached out to the family, and now Cami doesn't ever have to worry about her favourite top ever again.

A spokeswoman from the store told the BBC: "Target is able to recreate the shirt and will be sending multiple sizes to Deborah so that Cami can enjoy it for many years to come."