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North Carolina footballer in sex assault case turns himself in

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Media captionDelaney Robinson gave a press conference accusing a football player of rape

A University of North Carolina college footballer who is accused of raping a female student on Valentine's Day has turned himself in.

Delaney Robinson, 19, has gone public to accuse Allen Artis, 21, of sexually assaulting her in February this year at a campus dorm room.

He went to a magistrate's office to face a minor charge of misdemeanour sexual battery and assault.

Prosecutors say they have yet to decide whether to bring felony charges.

Mr Artis was released on Wednesday after posting a $5,000 bond (£3,790).

Image copyright Delaney Robinson
Image caption Apparent bruise marks on Delaney Robinson's neck

The arrest warrant stated he had sex with Ms Robinson against her will when he "should have reasonably known that the other person was mentally incapacitated and physically helpless".

The reserve junior linebacker was suspended indefinitely from the football team on Tuesday as per university policy.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Ms Robinson said Mr Artis raped her after she became intoxicated and was unable to consent.

Ms Robinson, who said she did not know her alleged attacker, told reporters she was asked "demeaning and accusatory questions" by investigators from the university's department of public safety after reporting the incident.

Ms Robinson said they asked: "Did I lead him on? Have I hooked up with him before? Do I often have one-night stands?

"Did I even say no? What is my sexual history? How many men have I slept with? I was treated like a suspect."

Ms Robinson said she became enraged when she heard a recording of her alleged rapist's interviews with police.

"Rather than accusing him of anything, the investigators spoke to him with a tone of camaraderie."

She added: "They told him, 'don't sweat it, just keep on living your life and keep on playing football.'"

Ms Robinson said she was under the legal drinking age at the time, but "that doesn't give anyone the right to violate me".

"I did not deserve to be raped," she said at the press conference, seated beside her lawyer and her father.

The college sophomore says she loves University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and does not plan to leave.

Her lawyer, Denise Branch, said the Orange County District Attorney told her "unconsciousness is rape; black-out drunk is not rape".

Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall told local media the case has been "investigated thoroughly", but the inquiry is ongoing.

UNC-Chapel Hill issued a statement after Ms Robinson's news conference.

The university said it took all allegations about sexual violence or misconduct extremely seriously.