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Six women targeted in NYC fire attacks

NYPD released a new image of the two suspects they are looking for in connection to the six attacks. Image copyright NYPD

The investigation into a fire attack on a Scottish Muslim woman in New York City last week has now broadened to five other incidents.

Police are looking for three males and three females in connection with the attacks on six women on 10 September.

Authorities initially investigated the incident as a possible hate crime after a Scottish tourist's traditional Muslim clothing was set on fire.

But of all six victims, only one was wearing Muslim attire.

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Media captionUK Muslim woman attacked on NYC's Fifth Avenue

The 35-year-old tourist, from Glasgow, was returning from sightseeing when she realised the clothing on her arm had been set ablaze and she saw a man next to her with a cigarette lighter.

She was able to pat out the fire.

The NYPD's Hate Crime Task Force had been assisting in the investigation, but police said the incident was no longer deemed "bias-related".

The other reported attacks included a woman who said a suspect tried to light her leg on fire; a teenage girl walking with her mother who said someone tried to set her shirt alight; and another woman whose skirt was set on fire by a suspect in a nearby group.

Two women also reported a man holding a lit lighter close to their arms as they headed down into the Bryant Park subway the same night.