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Trump is coming - move over, Mannequin Challenge

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Media captionTrump is Coming to challenge Mannequin craze

If you're thinking about doing the Mannequin Challenge, then think again - that was SO last week.

Anyone who is anyone has been there - even us - done it and moved on to the next thing: the #TrumpIsComing Challenge.

Donald Trump's election victory had barely been confirmed than the new craze was born.

Videos posted under variations on the phrase - currently the most popular is #TrumpsComingChallenge - show students going about daily life until someone shouts "Trump's coming." The two most common reactions seem to be to run screaming or collapse on the floor.

Emi Chavez, from Azle, Texas, claims he started it with his post just hours after the election result and challenged people to "show me how you'd react if you saw Trump".

Image copyright Emi Chavez

"Me and my friends are Mexican but we were born here and everyone is scared by what Trump said about sending Mexicans back home and all the other racist things, as well," says Chavez, aged 16.

"The whole idea was to have some fun, but Trump is a very scary guy to kids of our age because we don't want our families to get split up," he adds.

"So we were just thinking about how we would just run away from him if he came near."

The video struck a chord and has inspired lots of others to make their own version, including Rudy Reyna, who posted his on his Twitter account @rudygarzareyna.

Image copyright Rudy Reyna

The 17-year-old from Austin, Texas, says he is not a fan of Mr Trump's but made his video just for the fun of it.

"I first spotted it on Twitter when I was scrolling on my feed and I thought it was a funny video to make so one day during school I rounded up friends and did the challenge," he says.

Toy Story with a twist

Students at a college in South Carolina took a slightly different approach, producing a mash-up of the #AndysComing and #TrumpIsComing challenges.

The #AndysComing challenge is based on the film Toy Story, where the toys drop to the floor when their owner Andy comes into the room.

The video shows students dancing and when someone shouts "Trump's coming", they all fall to the ground motionless.

Image copyright Instagram/@x3rk

It was made by Yung Astroo, from Columbia, South Carolina, and posted on a number of social media platforms, including his instagram account.

"Me and my team saw people doing the 'AndysComing' challenge on the internet but we decided we'd put a twist on it. so we danced to some music and then yelled 'Trump is coming' and then everyone fell out," he says.

Will it freeze out the #MannequinChallenge?

The Mannequin Challenge has swept social media in recent months with Michelle Obama and Beyonce among those posing perfectly still in mid-action for the camera.

Even Hillary Clinton and her team posed as mannequins on election day with the message "Don't stand still. Vote today."

Image copyright Twitter/@HillaryClinton
Image caption Hillary Clinton's Mannequin Challenge urged people to get out and vote

But within 24 hours the votes were counted and the announcement of the next president sparked a new social trend.

By Annie Flury, UGC and Social News Team.

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