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Trump used the term 'Easy D'. What did he mean?

EASY D is an anagram for SAD YE with picture of Kanye West Image copyright Twitter @jakebeckman

President Donald Trump has again lambasted the judicial rulings keeping him from enforcing his travel ban - but this time his tweet had a curious turn of phrase.

"Big increase in traffic into our country from certain areas, while our people are far more vulnerable, as we wait for what should be EASY D!" he wrote at 12:41 Washington time.

It was just one of a string of tweets defending his executive order, which banned entry to the US from citizens from seven countries deemed a high risk for terrorism. It has been put on hold while judges across the country assess its legality.

But the use of "EASY D" left the Twitterati scratching their heads.

"I think the one thing uniting the country rn [right now] is that none of us, regardless of political affiliation, knows what "Easy D" is," wrote Teen Vogue's Lily Herman.

Some were certain they knew: "Spoiler alert: D means decision," wrote CNN's Jon Ostrower. (Others argued that it meant "defence", a commonly used abbreviation in sports.)

Most were less concerned about the meaning and more interested in the opportunity to make a quick joke.

"I mistakenly thought Easy D was NWA's older brother," wrote ESPN's Jane McManus.

"Don't make him switch out Easy D for Hard D," warned frequent Trump critic Arthur Chu.

The single-theme joke account @TrumpDraws got into the act with a new image playing on the Easy D reference.

Image copyright @Twitter TrumpDraws

"The media never wants to talk about the people Easy D slaughtered at Bowling Green," quipped Vox writer Matt Yglesias, referring to the non-existent massacre mistakenly mentioned by Trump strategist Kellyanne Conway.

Screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer joked about Trump's earlier tweet, jeering the retailer Nordstrom for dropping his daughter Ivanka's fashion line. "I just got measured at Nordstrom. Was wearing an Easy D, but I should be an Easy DDD."

Still, while the anti-Trump crowd had fun laughing it up on Twitter, they have had less success stopping Trump's cabinet appointments.

So far all of his picks remain on track to confirmation, and even the most hotly-contested nomination, Betsy DeVos, was approved by the Senate.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters say their man is doing exactly what they elected him to do - keep the country safe and disrupt government business as usual.