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'Oroville Dam evacuees welcome at my home'

Water flows over an emergency spillway of the Oroville Dam in California, 11 February 2017 Image copyright AP
Image caption Water crashes through the main spillway at the Oroville Dam

Californians are offering to share their homes with people around the Oroville Dam in the northern part of the US state.

More than 180,000 people have been told to leave their homes due to risk of flooding.

As evacuees started to leave their homes, offers of shelter began popping up on social media.

Image copyright @_its_Tricky_530/Twitter

Edward in Yolo County, California, tweeted that people were welcome to sleep at his house.

"I've had a few retweets but no one has yet taken me up on the offer, " he said.

"I imagine most of the displaced are without access to social media. I hope they are all safe and able to find lodging."

Don't stay on the street

Residents of Oroville, a town of 16,000 people, were advised to head north causing gridlock on the roads as people headed away from the area.

Twitter user @mexi_i posted: "If you came down to Sacramento & need a place to crash I have room for u to stay at. #OrovilleSpillway #OrovilleDam Dont stay on the street!"

Others followed with their own offer of accommodation on Twitter and Facebook.

Image copyright @RodneyZwahlen/Twitter

Ian Waggoner posted on Facebook: "If anyone has friends or family that need a place to stay due to Oroville dam evacuations, we have room in our home. We would love to help."

Image copyright @mac_619/Twitter

Sikh Temples offer food and shelter

Image copyright Gurtej Singh
Image caption Gurtej Singh says: "We put a call out to members of our community to see if they could provide help"

A number of Sikh Temples in Sacramento have also opened up their doors.

Gurtej Singh, manager at the Capital Sikh Centre in Sacramento, said: "Our local mayor's office contacted us to see if we could offer temporary accommodation for evacuees.

"We, in turn, put a call out to members of our community to see if they could provide food, bedding etc so that around 50 people could stay at our centre.

"The evacuees have had a long journey but have started to arrive and are now being processed."

In a separate offer of help Shivpreet Singh tweeted a list of temples keen to help. "Sikh Temples offering food and shelter, open to all evacuated people #OrovilleDam #OrovilleSpillway. Please share."

There are also reports of businesses offering free food and drink to help those affected.

Instagram user @shaylagerne posted a video expressing her thanks to Walmart for her free supplies.

Image copyright @shaylagerene/Instagram

The Oroville dam is the tallest in the US and it was feared its overflow channel, weakened due to heavy rainfall, could collapse.

Although the excess water has now stopped flowing, evacuation orders still remain in place.

By Rozina Sini, BBC's UGC and Social News Team