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Man found with hands nailed to tree in Albuquerque woods

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Image caption The man was found with three-inch nails driven through his hands, securing him to a tree.

A man has been found with his hands nailed to a tree close to a popular hiking trail in the US state of New Mexico, police say.

The unidentified man was discovered by city refuse collectors at around 08:30 local time on Monday in Albuquerque after they heard his cries for help.

The nails were about 3in (7.6cm) long, and had been driven through his hands, but he survived.

Police say the man is not co-operating with their investigation.

He was found less than a mile from the trail, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Celina Espinoza, a spokeswoman for the city police department, told the newspaper "officers found a man who seemed confused, standing in front of a tree with his hands next to his shoulders".

His hands were not bleeding, she said, adding that there was one nail in each hand.

They removed him from the tree, and took him to hospital.

Ms Espinoza says that officers are not sure how long he was there and why this happened to him.

Police are appealing for the public's help.

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