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An Ontario home filled with clowns is up for sale

Interior of Ontario home Image copyright Courtesy Ground2Air Media
Image caption Trigger warning for coulrophobes - this house is filled with clowns

A "charming" bungalow in south-western Ontario filled with hundreds of clown pictures, statues and knick-knacks is expected to sell over asking price.

But the "cozy" property is not making headlines for its affordable price tag, which is a reasonable C$239,900 ($174,800; £135,200).

Instead, it is for the online photos of its clown-heavy interior decor.

Realtor Kyle Jansink says there has been lots of interest in the single family home despite the ornamentation.

"We've got multiple offers lined up," he said of the property, which is the stuff of nightmares for coulrophobes.

Image copyright Courtesy Ground2Air Media
Image caption More clowns

"It was going to sell above asking price despite all this publicity, but now maybe we're getting some extra out-of-town buyers coming in."

He noted the elderly couple who have lived in the home for over 30 years have been overwhelmed by the media attention.

Asked whether the clowns might have spooked some prospective house hunters, Mr Jansink said "for sure, yeah".

"It was a conversation we had with the sellers," he said.

Image copyright Courtesy Ground2Air Media
Image caption Even more clowns

"They just said 'we'd like to leave them' and I said OK.

"People should just be themselves and you know what? It is for some people, it isn't for others.

"All we can do is just be ourselves and the rest takes care of itself."

But why fill a 748 sq ft, two-bedroom Canadian home with clowns?

Vice spoke with Michael McMannis, son of the homeowners, who explained they began buying all things clown in a successful attempt to curb his stepfather's taste for beer.

"My stepdad had a drinking issue as perceived by my mother," he told Vice.

"Every clown represents a bottle of beer that he would have bought."

He estimated that over the years the couple has collected about 1,500 clowns, which will be stored in the crawl space of his home when they move.

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