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So, just what did Trump's note in the Western Wall say?

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Media captionWatch: Donald Trump visits sacred Western Wall and makes Iran warning

Donald Trump has become the first sitting US president to visit the Western Wall, placing his hand on Judaism's holiest prayer site.

For many, it was a historic and poignant moment - topped off when the president posted a note into the wall, as many worshippers do with prayers and supplications.

Others, however, were more interested in just what the note said - and the internet quickly flooded with speculation as to its exact content.

And while they are certainly not a true reflection of what was written on the note, they certainly raise a few smiles...

Image copyright Twitter/@MemphisDJ
Image caption Could Mr Trump have wall envy?
Image copyright Twitter/@Home_Halfway
Image caption This user suggests Mr Trump is still thinking about last November
Image copyright Twitter/@girlsreallyrule
Image caption His admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin was also posed as a possible theme for the note...
Image copyright Twitter/@barkway
Image caption Or did Mr Trump just want to clear up any confusion over that chat with the Russian foreign minister?
Image copyright Twitter/@mikerainey82
Image caption They weren't the only ones still thinking about that top secret information
Image copyright Twitter/@itsBraxtonR
Image caption Then again, maybe he was settling an argument?
Image copyright Twitter/@sonicdork
Image caption But then again, who's to say the note contained any words at all?

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