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Canada road sign misspells the word 'scohol'

Misspelled school sign reads "scohol" Image copyright Facebook

A misspelled road sign in British Columbia has gone viral and is also providing a valuable lesson to children: stay in "scohol".

A painter was hired to write "school" in the middle of the road outside of an elementary school in Revelstoke, BC.

Instead, he spelled "scohol" when he accidentally placed the letter stencils backwards.

The town will correct the spelling error, but not before everyone gets in a good laugh.


"You had one job..." joked Clara Luk-Brownlee on Facebook, where the photo was circulating online.

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A town clerk told local media that the error occurred because the letter stencils come in three groups: "SC", "HO" and "OL". The letters in "HO" look the same upside down as they do right-side up, so the painter didn't notice when he had them backwards.

The clerk said the sign would be corrected this week.

Too bad there isn't spell-checker for pavement.

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