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Sarah Huckabee Sanders: White House aide red-faced over emojis

Sarah H. Sanders tweeted a series of emojis including a traffic light, a map, and several kinds of train Image copyright Twitter/SHSanders
Image caption Baffling: Twitter users struggled to decode the tweet from the Deputy White House Press Secretary

When President Donald Trump coined the word "covfefe" in a misspelled tweet, he unleashed a storm of mockery and memes online.

Now the deputy White House press secretary has drawn comparisons with her boss by tweeting a seemingly random string of emojis.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders sought to laugh the accident off, claiming her three-year-old son had stolen her phone.

Reactions on Twitter ranged from confusion to unbridled joy.

"This is the most coherent statement to come from the Trump administration," opined journalist David Blaustein.

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Image caption Ms Huckabee Sanders and her team are used to Twitter storms

"Is 'lolaklkk" the next 'covfefe'?" asked tweeter Lotus Prince.

Recalling White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's defence of the covfefe tweet - "The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant" - some readers offered their own translations.

Image copyright Twitter/SandleDave
Image copyright Twitter/LaurenDuca
Image copyright Twitter/paperghost

Even before Ms Huckabee Sanders explained the mishap, sympathetic parents assumed the involvement of a rogue child.

Image copyright Twitter/JenniferArrow

Others thought the hieroglyphics would look better as a White House press statement.

Image copyright Twitter/davidmackau

Ms Huckabee Sanders has clearly decided the original tweet is harmless, as it remains on her timeline several hours on.

But her follow-up did suggest she might be more careful who gets their tiny hands on her phone in future...

Image copyright Twitter/SHSanders

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