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Texas police's cool surprise for 95-year-old WW2 veteran

Hatley and cop Image copyright Facebook
Image caption Julius Hatley, 95, said he appreciates the officers' good deed

A 95-year-old Texas man received some unexpected help from police officers after calling emergency services during a heat wave.

Julius Hatley called Forth Worth police on Thursday after both his window and central air conditioning units broke and his home became unbearably hot.

"This wasn't a regular 911 call," Fort Worth Officer William Margolis told CBS 11, noting "we're not AC techs".

Together with his partner, Christopher Weir, they chose to buy him a new unit.

"When we got there around 8:30am his house was 85 to 90 (29-35C) degrees already," Fort Worth Officer William Margolis said.

"In Texas, it gets hot," the five-year police veteran added.

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Image caption "My porch is cool," said Mr Hatley, who took refuge in the shade outside when his AC broke down
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Image caption Officers returned to install the new window unit

Mr Hatley explained to the officers that he had been trying to keep cool on his outdoor porch.

That's when Officers Margolis and Weir decided to use their own money to buy a replacement window unit.

Employees at the hardware store were so impressed when they heard the reason for their shopping trip that they contributed another $150 (£120).

Since the story first gained attention in local media, other Good Samaritans have come forward with offers to fix Mr Hatley's air conditioner, paint his house and buy him groceries every week.

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Image caption Store employees contributed another $150 for the air conditioner

Mr Hatley says he appreciates the good deeds, and the officers say they will return to check in on him from time to time.

"He's 95 years old and he's a World War II veteran," Mr Margolis said.

"He's a hero. In our eyes he's our hero."

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