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Goat picks fight with office, goat wins

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Media captionCCTV shows goat smashing US office doors

On Monday morning staff at a US polymer manufacturer arrived at work to discover a break-in.

The doors had been smashed, glass littering the floor. Police were called.

When staff at Argonics Inc's Colorado office realised nothing had been taken they reviewed CCTV footage of the doors.

The suspect had not even bothered to cover their face. Plus, unusually, protruding from that face were long horns - a rogue goat was behind the damage.

Half-a-million views

The company uploaded the footage to their YouTube account and the video has since attracted close to half-a-million views.

"Our office manager arrived at the office on Monday morning and saw the doors were smashed," a company spokesperson told the BBC.

"He called the police to report a break-in.

"Once the police arrived, he thought to check the camera footage and saw that it was actually the goat."

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What sparked the goat's violent outburst remains unclear, but it hasn't prevented social media users from speculating about the goat's motives.

"He probably saw his reflection in the glass, thought it was another goat, got intimidated and enraged and tried to fight it," one YouTube user suggested below the video.

"It was peer pressure from a gang of goat looters," mused another.

Argonics staff were left with a lot of mess to clear up (and likely an unusual insurance claim to make).

The whereabouts of the goat are unknown, though it can be seen trotting away happily from the scene of the crime at the end of the video.

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