Brothers, two and five, steal mother's car for trip to grandfather

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the windy, curvy roadImage source, WSAZ-TV
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The boys drove for three miles down the windy, curvy road

Two brothers aged five and two stole their mother's car and wrecked it on a drive to their grandfather's house, say authorities in West Virginia.

Putnam County Sheriff deputies believe the toddlers probably teamed up to work the pedals and steer the wheel before crashing it in a ditch.

The pair made it three miles (4.8km) down the road and successfully navigated multiple turns.

They were not hurt but officials are weighing charges against the mother.

They had taken their mother's 2005 Ford Focus after finding the keys in the floor mat while playing in the front yard.

Officials believe they were trying to reach their grandfather's farm but crashed five miles short in the town of Red House.

"Luckily, they didn't pass anybody because they would've probably had a wreck before then," said Putnam County Sheriff Steve Deweese.

Mr Deweese told WSAZ-TV that the sheriff's office is working with the county prosecutor and Child Protective Services to determine if the mother should be charged with any crime.