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Wildfires cause 'dark' skies at California Disneyland

Disney theme park and orange sky Image copyright Nate Giffey
Image caption Wildfires light up the sky over Disneyland California

The Disneyland theme park in southern California is Halloween-themed for the duration of October. However, as wildfires rage in the Californian countryside surrounding the park, visitors are posting images of "surreal" orange skies and ash clouds.

Nate Griffey is an annual pass holder and visits the park once or twice a week. He snapped the ash "falling all over Disney" on Monday 9 October.

Image copyright Nate Giffey

Speaking to the BBC, Nate said: "You did have to watch out so you didn't get ashes in your eye and make sure you didn't inhale."

Jennifer Barnych posted photos to social media saying "the sky keeps getting darker here."

Image copyright Jennifer Barnych

On seeing the photos of ominous ash-clouds, one person on Twitter asked "Is the world ending or something?"

The park is close to the community of Anaheim Hills, where thousands of residents have been evacuated as wildfires spread through the area.

Rachel Serfati posted photos to social media with the caption "no filter used whatsoever".

Image copyright Rachel Serfati

Andrew Veis was visiting the park on Monday with his wife and two-year-old son.

He told the BBC: "It was surreal and spooky. The skies looked apocalyptic almost.

"Our thoughts are with the brave first responders and the families who are in danger."

Image copyright Andrew Veis
Image copyright Andrew Veis

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By George Pierpoint, UGC and Social News Team

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