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Santa Rosa and Napa wildfire destruction from above

Deadly wildfires in northern California have destroyed more than 3,500 buildings and forced 25,000 people to leave their homes.

Firefighters are still battling the fires which have at least 40 dead and left scars across 170,000 acres (265 square miles) of land. Satellite images show the extent of the around the city of Santa Rosa.

Nasa satellite image showing wildfires in California

The fires have been fanned by north-easterly winds known as Diablo winds.

Santa Rosa

Remains of houses destroyed by fire in Santa Rosa Image copyright Getty Images

The Tubbs fire - between Santa Rosa and Calistoga turned housing estates to rubble and ash in some parts of Santa Rosa.

A K-mart supermarket was burned out in the Santa Rosa blaze

Hundreds of people are still missing and thousands of firefighters are working to stop the fires spreading.

Mobile homes were destroyed at the Journey's End Mobile Home Park on 11 October, 2017 Image copyright Getty Images

Interactive Slide the button to see how a Santa Rosa community was devastated


Google satellite image of Coffley Lane area of Santa Rosa after fire


Google satellite image of Coffley Lane area of Santa Rosa earlier in 2017

Napa County

Wildfires also raged through the hills of the Napa County wine growing regions, burning estates, ranches and farmland.

Satellite image shows scorched hills in Napa County

Interactive Slide the button to see how fires have scorched Napa wine country


Satellite image shows scorched earth in Napa county after wildfires


Google satellite image of Napa wine growing area in United States

Before now, California's deadliest fire was in October 1933, when 29 people died in the Griffith Park fire in Los Angeles.

The remains of the Signorello Estate Winery are seen from the air in Napa, California Image copyright Getty Images


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