Adam Sandler: Wedding Singer turns wedding crasher

image copyrightMlle Sana Photography
image captionThe Hollywood star offered his congratulations to the couple on their wedding day

Kevin and Alex were never in danger of forgetting their wedding day, but now they will have a permanent reminder of a surprise twist - a shock cameo from Adam Sandler.

The Hollywood star was enjoying lunch with his family in Montreal when he crossed paths with a couple having their wedding photographs taken.

After a brief conversation, it came to pass that the bride and groom, dressed in a white gown and a sharp tuxedo, were photographed beside a mustachioed man in a white T-shirt and red shorts.

The photo was shared by a friend of the family on Reddit, where it has been upvoted more than 27,000 times.

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"My wife yelled his name", Kevin Goldstein told the BBC. "We were taking photos. He came over and wished us well, he was just chatting to us.

"We told him we're huge fans, we love his work, we've watched all his films.

"He replied, 'Good, I'll take some photos then - mazel tov!'

"My wife invited him to the wedding - he couldn't make it, but she was ecstatic, absolutely over the moon. We couldn't believe it."

image copyrightMlle Sana Photography
image captionKevin said the chance meeting "made our special day even more special"

Kevin was speaking to the BBC from the newly-weds' honeymoon in Italy, and said Sandler was "the nicest guy".

"He took the time to take photos with us and spend time with us," he said.

"It made our photos and wedding that much better."

image copyrightMlle Sana Photography
image captionKevin called Sandler's cameo appearance "a very nice touch to the wedding"

By Tom Gerken, UGC & Social News

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